What, Why, How, Who, And Welcome

Make More Money, Have More Fun.

What does that mean? Why does it matter? How can we do it?
And, who am I to have any say about any of this?

Let's start with why I began this project.

Over the past few months, as the year came to a close, it seemed natural to start thinking about what had been good and bad about my life in 2006. In many ways, this had been a great year: I widened my portfolio and my client roster as a freelance writer, I lost over twenty pounds, and I was in the best physical shape I'd been in since I was a teenager.

But as I looked more closely at my experiences, I realized that the best moments of my year weren't the moments when I'd landed a new client, or gotten published. They weren't the ones when I'd achieved a weight loss goal, a fitness goal, or any goal at all for that matter. The best moments were the ones when I'd had the most real, vibrant, satisfying fun.

My favorite events of the year were the moments when I'd shared meals with loved ones, shared conversations with friends, and shared ideas with other people who were interested in the things that I found the most compelling. The best parts of 2006 happened when I was free to enjoy myself. As soon as I realized this, I resolved to pursue a very simple idea for the next twelve months. I pledged that no matter what, in 2007, I would have more fun.

When I started to assess how I could make that goal a reality, I realized that, on far too many occasions, my ability to have a great time had been clouded by one problem: money. This year, I worked long hours, but the time I spent working was only part of the issue. The truth was that even when I wasn't actually at my desk earning income, I was still thinking about my financial situation. I was constantly worried about spending too much, anxious that I wasn't saving enough, or feeling guilty that I was doing anything other than focusing on my career. Time after time, I passed up a chance to have fun, or went through the motions without fully enjoying something, because I was preoccupied by money.

As I looked at the year to come, I saw that in 2007, in order to have more fun, I'd have to find a way to make more money.

I also knew that I couldn't be the only one with this desire.
And that brings us to the what and the how of this blog.

As I find ways to make more money and have more fun, I'd like to share what I discover. As I make my way through this year, I'll be posting practical, actionable ideas for increasing income and increasing quality of life. I don't know yet all the places that this search will take me, but I do know a little bit about what you can expect to find here.

At MakeMoreHaveMore, you can expect to find information about money-making opportunities, including a first-person perspective on how well they work. You can expect to find tips, tricks, and creative solutions for living well on a budget. You can expect that every post here will offer you a fresh, practical way to make more money, have more fun, or do both at the same time!

So, who am I to weigh in on such topics? Well, I'm not a financial expert, a self-improvement guru, or a motivational speaker. I'm just a writer who wants to live better, and live happier, and make more money, and have more fun. I'm out to find ways to make that happen, and I hope you'll come with me.

Welcome to MakeMoreHaveMore. Please stay awhile. Browse through the posts and find some fresh ideas for living well. If you've got a suggestion or two that other readers might appreciate, email me, and add a few of your own ideas to the mix.

This year, let's make more money, and have more fun, together.

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