Ten Ways To Use Monopoly Money: Almost As Good As The Real Thing

Monopoly Money isn't real money, but that doesn't mean you don't want tons of it. I know I do, especially because it's free. The best thing about playing with Monopoly Money is that if you can make it fun just by using it in a new way, you've created real, genuine value out of something that is, by definition, worth nothing. Take that, irony!

Ten Ways To Turn Monopoly Money Into Fun:

1. Prank a co-worker by packing lots and lots of rainbow faux-cash into his or her wallet. And pockets. And desk drawers. And cubicle. And office. And any items in the office refridgerator. And spouse/children.

2. Use it to tip really bad waitstaff at restaurants.

3. Wallpaper your apartment.

4. Print out a whole, whole bunch and stage a stick up where your lover steals it from you in a complicated heist. Then, have your lover show up at your door begging forgiveness. Forgive him or her, then roll around together in all the loot. This is safer than rolling around in real cash because, unlike real money, you know where Monopoly Money has been. Nowhere.

5. Play Monopoly.

6. Pretend that it's real money, and that it's only colorful because it's from Canada.

7. Use it around giftcards, gift certificates, or checks for creative giftwrapping.

8. Teach a kid how to make change, or origami cranes.

9. Write on the backs of monopoly money instead of index cards for your Hipster PDA.

10. Sneak into a friend's place and fill their bathtub with Monopoly Money. Disturb nothing else.

You get the idea.

1 comment:

Cat said...

Those are some quality ideas.

I particularly like 5 and 2. Might have to try 3 one day though.

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