Start A Small Business With A Friend

Everyone knows that starting a business is one of the best ways to increase your income. But, how can you possibly find the time to start a venture, maintain client or customer relations, or even to build the expertise you'll need if you want to see your profits grow? With all of the roadblocks and hurdles that every beginning entrepreneur, or seasoned one for that matter, faces during the course of starting a business and growing it into a full-fledged success, how can you stay motivated? And, most importantly, how on earth could any of this hard work help you have more fun?

The answer is deceptively simple: start a small business with a friend.

Get together with a friend who has a similar goal. No matter whether you're starting a huge media empire or a lemonade stand, you'll get a lot of benefit from a partner who can support you, help you see things in a new light, and hold you accountable to your dreams. Not to mention the benefits of having a friend around to joke with, chat with, or commiserate with during the sometimes rocky road to succesful entrepreneurship.

When I'm working with a friend who I trust, I know that I'm a hundred times more motivated than when I try to take on a venture on my own. When I set up a plan for a solo venture, suddenly I have a million errands that Absolutely Need Doing before I can take step one on my business path. But when I'm working with the right partner, every day I find myself researching, forging new plans, refining old ideas, or discovering ways to make my work better. Not because I feel more confident, or more driven to succeed. Not because I've thrown off other responsibilites, or found an extra hour in the day. Instead, I work harder because I want to do the best that I can to help my friend along. Although I might walk away from a solo project because of motivational or situational hurdles, I could never bear the thought of standing in the way of a good friend's success, so I'll fight long and hard for a joint venture, especially if I have a partner who inspires me with his or her own great work, insight, and creativity.

You'll make more money if you hook your own dreams to someone else's, and so will your friend. And, when you finally reach your goals, you'll have more fun with a comrade by your side to share the success.

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