Stay Tuned For A Special Series Of Posts

Dear Readers,

There's been a hiatus of a few days on MakeMoreHaveMore because I'm planning something very special: a multi-post series on priorities.

I'll be looking at how priorities get set, and what the right and wrong priorities can do for us. I'll even be mapping out actionable steps that we can take to make sure our priorities are working for us, instead of against us.

By the end, it'll become easy to see how setting priorities that are really in tune with our self-knowledge can help us all make more money, and have more fun.
And, I hope, it will become easier to see how to set those priorities.

I'll be posting links here to the full five-part series. Stay tuned.

Posts On Priorities:
The Limousine: Setting Better Priorities, Part One
What Good Priorities Do: Setting Better Priorities, Part Two
Priorities That Stop You In Your Tracks: Setting Better Priorities, Part Three
Different People, Different Methods, Different Priorities: Setting Better Priorities, Part Four

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