Try A Fast Brainstorm For New Revenue Ideas

New revenue ideas are fun to come up with, and a fast brainstorm gives your brain a real workout. A brainstorm for new revenue ideas can help you discover ways to make more money, and it always gets you thinking creatively. Being adept at creative thinking gives you an extra boost towards success with any and all of the projects that are already on your plate, which is great news for anyone trying to make more money. In this article, I'll help you learn how to have your own brainstorm flurry and generate new revenue ideas faster than you ever thought you could think.

New revenue ideas come in all shapes and sizes, so don't try to force yourself towards one kind of idea or another. Just get a pen, a piece of paper, and write down all the new revenue ideas that come to mind. Here are the only rules:

Don't be afraid to think small (sell that old book on eBay), and don't be afraid to think huge (get together ten other investors and buy some property in Mexico to resell at a profit.)
Don't be afraid to be silly (win the lottery) and don't be afraid to be brilliant (imagine the ultimate web 2.0 application.)
In fact, don't be afraid to think or be anything!

The wilder your brainstorm is, the more likelihood there is that you'll hit on a truly creative concept, one that could become your next major project. When it comes to new revenue ideas, the ones that will succeed are the ones that are unique, so open your mind and let the creativity flow.

Many people don't get much out of a brainstorm because they're censoring themselves. If you find yourself judging your new revenue ideas before you get them written down, or even while you're writing, try cranking up the heat. Capture five new revenue ideas in five minutes, or even try for ten. If you're writing as quickly as you can think, you'll have no time to censor your ideas, and you just might free up a great concept for a new business, or an exciting career move. Even if none of your new revenue ideas turn out to be seaworthy, your fast brainstorm was still time well spent: when you're done, you'll have stretched and strengthened your creativity. The more comfortable you are being creative, the more successful you'll be at problem solving, and at seeing new opportunities to make money down the line.

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