Have More Fun In Your First Ten Minutes

The first ten minutes of the day can feel sluggish, slow, or, depending on the activities of the previous evening, even a little bit painful. If you wince through your morning, you're not just missing the chance to feel decent-- you're missing the chance to feel great. With just a tiny bit of effort, you can use the first ten minutes of the day to have more fun. If you plan a fun treat for the first ten minutes you'll be awake, you'll suddenly feel much more inclined to jump out of bed and get started on your day.

I myself am a confirmed night owl, and refuse to reform my ways and head to bed at a "reasonable" hour. But that doesn't mean that I don't make my mornings productive, useful, and even enjoyable. The key is getting the day started right by having something fun to look forward to doing right away. If you're raring to get to the good stuff you've got planned for your first ten minutes, suddenly you won't mind the fact that you're a little drowsy, because you'll be concentrating on the treat at hand.

Here are a few examples of A.M. treats that can put a smile on your face even before your first cup of coffee has kicked in:

Watch cartoons while you eat your breakfast.
Wash up by candlelight to add some romance to your routine.
Get a book just for mornings, and read a few pages a day. The trashier the better!

These kinds of tiny pleasures can help turn the first ten minutes of your morning from a torturous ordeal into a springboard for a great day.

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Hueina Su said...

Hi Wanda:

I like these ideas! I'm a night owl myself and it's not always easy to be upbeat and productive at the same time early in the morning. LOL! Hmmm, I'm going to create my own mini A.M. treats. Thanks for sharing.

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